Welcome to Learn to Play Guitar, we provide one to one online rhythm and lead guitar lessons via 121 Guitar Lesson Skype with an experienced tutor.

Get clear and accurate lessons with our patient approach to teaching, especially good for complete and absolute beginners, as well as more experienced players who want to push themselves to the next level.

As well as teaching a lot of students over the years, Chris has also enjoyed playing lead guitar in the successful wedding/function band Sidekick.

Why use an online teacher for my guitar lessons?

  • One to one tuition is an easy, fast way to learn
  • Have your questions answered, avoid frustration and confusion
  • Convenience, no rush hour traffic to get through to your lesson!
  • Get your own dropbox folder with custom lesson material, available 24/7
  • Chris Woollard guitar lessons

"It wasn't until I started taking guitar lessons myself that I really started to progress quickly and start getting the results that I wanted to see from my guitar playing. I gained a greater understanding of music, became a better player and also improved my songwriting skills. Now its my pleasure to help others do the same."

-Chris Woollard

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Musical Quote of the Day:

Sounds like the Blues are composed of feeling, finesse and fear.

Billy Gibbons

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